It’s a Happy New Year at Peace & Plenty Valley

christmas spring LOW All of my Art is now available in any of these ways.
Just Contact me a tell me what picture you want – and in what form if I have not yet Listed it:
– Digital Instant Printable (you print it yourself just $5.00 ) My ETSY Shop
– Fine Art, Archival Quality Professional Print – provided for you in any size, shape, orientation, and finish that you wish  My Zazzle Shop
Canvas! provided for you in any size, shape, orientation you wish.  My Zazzle Shop
“Print Mounted to Wood” Look under my Shop’s Category of this name to see examples  (most are about $15.00)  My ETSY Shop
Printed onto Items such as a Mug, Throw or Blanket, Pillow, Door Mat, or any of hundreds of other items.  My Zazzle Shop
And all of these options can be as you see my pictures as shown – OR as Personalized versions just for you.    Email Me
Anything can be Personalized – Here are some examples:
Dog Portraits and Farm Animal Portrait:
My “Shearing Day” painting has always been a favorite among Herding Dog Lovers
The first picture is how I originally did it. In the others, you can see how I have Personalized it for customers with images of their own dogs:
Personalized for Beth and her dog, Buddy, with her Farm Name on the sign on the tree and on the barn a sign that says “Herder on Duty: Buddy”
Personalized for Debbie and her dog, Nip with her Farm Name on the sign on the tree and on the barn a sign that says “Herder on Duty: Nip”
Personalized for Shyla, the Blue Heeler:
Other variations:
Personalized Farm Animal Portrait for The Gimbles:
The Gimbles have 4 Hackney ponies ( a breed known for pulling carts), 2 other ponies (one white one brown), two African Gray Parrots, three cats (two orange and one gray), an older Great Pyrenees dog, and they had just gotten a new Pyrenees puppy! And I was on a mission to do a “portrait” of them all. First I thought the Hackneys should be pulling a cart. But then I just knew it would be even better if the new Puppy were driving the cart! no, galloping the cart! with the other ponies stampeding along too, and the Parrots all in a flap from the excitement.  At the last minute I decided there should be a reason for all this commotion. They’re off to the Feed store! they’re making a break for it and racing to the feed store where they think they can just get all the treats they want — probably fill-up the whole cart! so then I added the “Grain and Feed Store” sign and the story was complete.
The Gimbles said it was “the sweetest thing anyone could ever have done for them” and that they both cried when they opened it. Their farm and animals are very dear to them.
I can make a picture of all of your animals too. They can just be posing – or we can think of a “story” together, or you can leave it up to me. whatever you want.
Other Personalized or Custom art I’ve done:
A Logo for the Last Resort farm – then made into a Mug, a Pillow and a Door Mat:
For Emi and her dog, Pesto:
Some other Favs:







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