for St. Patrick’s Day – A fine Irish Horse

Having a good bit of Irish blood meself, I wanted to do something for the upcoming holiday.  First I thought of Irish place-names; Galway Bay came to mind. But “bay” has more than one meaning.  A “bay” horse is one with a reddish-brown body color with a black mane, tail, ear edges, and lower legs –  and it’s also a body of water in Ireland – so, a play on words.  The Galway Bay!  Once I knew what I was painting, I looked to the classic work of George Stubbs for inspiration.  When finished,  The Bay seemed a little lonely.  So I did a second version, The Connemara Black.   (which, actually is the name of a Fly Fishing lure.. but, whatever.. it sounds right).
These two Fine Irish Horses can be purchased in ANY SIZE and I have made them into a variety of versions.
Like all of my Art, I am happy to Customize and Personalize! So your Family Name, Company Name, Farm Name, Pub Name, Favorite Quote, Verse, Saying… anything can be put into these pictures... just Email me a tell me what you’d like. (  I do not even charge for this (because it’s fun!).  Then I can make it available for you to purchase in any form you want.
All of these are available at my ETSY Shop  as Prints, “Print Mounted to Wood”, or Instant Digital Download (have not done all of those yet, but email me if you want it fast) They are in the ETSY Shop Category: “Horse Art Cow Art” and in “Custom Pub Signs”.
Peace and Plenty Valley ETSY Shop
To Order Prints directly, yourself find them at my Peace and Plenty Valley ZAZZLE STORE and here you can also put the horse(s) on ANY of hundreds of Zazzle Products…. Mugs, Rugs, Bugs (ok, not bugs)…. T Shirts, Caps, Banners, Beer Steins, Shamrocks and shillelaghs (pretty much).



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